Fresno Football Club

FFC, Fresno Football Club, is San Joaquin Valley’s very first pro soccer club. Fresno Football Club was earlier known as Fresno Fuego FC and is a member club of the USL (United Soccer League) that plays only one division below the MLS (Major League Soccer).

Fresno Football Club will open its inaugural soccer season in 2018 ( in March) and the club is hosting its home matches in beautiful downtown Fresno at the city’s Chukchansi Park. It is FFC’s aim to provide an inclusive, dynamic, top-class sporting experience and to create lasting memories for all of its fans in one of America’s most diverse and beautiful regions.

The mascot of Fresno Football Club is the fox. The fox is indigenous to this region and though it is small in stature, the fox is best known for its legendary survival instincts and fierce demeanor. The fox is smart, crafty, will not back down and create its own ways to thrive. And let’s face it, all of these characteristics and values are thoroughly embedded in the Central Valley culture.

Fresno Football Club’s nickname The Foxes (or Los Zorros in Spanish) will also be used as club reference in body texts and in both primary and secondary references in graphics and headlines.

The FFC Club Colors are:

Sky Blue, which represents the Fresno region’s wide horizons and the area’s potential
San Joaquin Navy, which represents the deep blue waters of San Joaquin River, the ultimate symbol of the region’s vitality
Fuego Red, which symbolizes and honors Fresno PDL club’s successful and rich history which shows in Fresno Fuego FC

Fresno Football Club’s Vision Of Developing Local Talent

Fresno Football Club has also announced the club’s vision on developing and continuing soccer talent from the region. This will occur through the Premier Development League where FFC works with its Fresno FC U-23 side.

Fresno Football Club, as said before formerly known under the name Fresno Fuego FC, will continue in the same legacy that produced over 50 soccer athletes that have achieved their dream careers of playing soccer as professionals. Additionally, Fresno’s Women’s Premier Soccer League team, Fresno Freeze FC, is in the process of renaming the team into Fresno Ladies FC.

It is Fresno FC’s goal to continue the commitments of both clubs and to provide the best opportunities for talent development for athletes from all across the San Joaquin Valley. FFC will adopt and adhere to the Fuego’s standards of opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.

The FFC management already builds the organization on the same pillars that Fuego FC was built on and has already hired Jeremy Schultz, Milton Blanco, and  Jordan Wiebe (front office staff) and signed Fuego players Christian Chaney, Renato Bustamante, Agustin Rey, and Jose Cuevas. The club has also announced that El Mexicano (the front-of-jersey sponsor) will stay. El Mexicano has been sponsoring the Fuego FC since 2003 as the club started out.

Fuego FC and Freeze FC have played a fantastic role in promoting soccer in California’s Central Valley region. The clubs provided a stable foundation for local athletes and gave them the chance to pursue their biggest dreams. Fresno FC aims to continue that foundation and works hard towards success for both teams under one new umbrella. It wants to provide a dynamic, inclusive, and top-of-the-line sporting experience for all sports fan in the entire valley.

Fresno FC bought Fresno Fuego FC in 2017 and, as said before, the club will continue the U-23 side operations. That youth team has already won 6 division titles, 1 title in the Western Conference, made five conference championship appearances and played twice in the PDL National Semifinals.

Fresno Freeze Women’s Soccer Club was extremely successful in the 3 seasons it was operational. Each year, the team in the Pacific North Division and finished runners-up and in 2017, the Fresno Freeze Women made their first-ever playoff appearance. Now the two clubs will appear under one Fresno FC umbrella, a new chapter has begun that is marking the start of great football in California’s San Joaquin Valley that will provide a top-notch sporting experience to all people across the Valley. For more information contact:

Fresno Football Club, 1800 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 93721, Phone: 559-320-2525

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